the working dead

It thinks for me so I let my mind rest,

a midst the darkness, it’s light shines even brighter than the sun.

Another day,

Another dying moment,

Another beer,

Another watch;

Another space in time.

I hear the sounds of familiar music,

Babbling, noise, clutter, bang, boom, sigh; silence.

The last breath is always the worst;

You realize what a waste the rest was;

all you did was lie;

all it did was lie.

And now its time to go to bed again.

And now its time to face the day again.



I have come to terms with my relationship with the world and in so doing found the prefect word to describe all of us. We are all made to do something Great. In essence I try to say that we are “greatness” in the making, a big, or small, ball of potential energy waiting to move and to be better.  Because we all have very different talents and knowledge. We all know something that someone else does not know. So with that being said, join the conversation and lets start a hashtag. Tell me something I don’t know yet and hashtag it #tellmesomethingIdon’tknowyet. This could range from random facts to very interesting songs , to music, to poetry, to anything you think the average human being( if there is such a thing)  wouldn’t know.

the galaxy

How to feel “Eyre”/ Happy all the time.

Dear Friends,

I want you to be happy so: right to it then!

“How does one become happy?”,  you ask.


Happy dog

Happiness is subjective. Therefore, everyone has a different version of what happy is. My advice on how to be happy is a big ball of Cheese- effective Cheese. My cheese recipe is as follows. Although, be warned you might just get too happy with yourself. If there’s such a thing as too much happiness.

My steps:

Numero unoooo: ” Take time out to know yourself ”

Taking time out to know yourself means trying new things to see if you like it or not. this could range from: staying home and laughing your ass off to MightyDuck or going for a walk with some nice music to keep your company. This could also mean, if your religious going to your place of worship to pray and have some solitude or even reading your specific book of wisdom ( because each religious book has advice worth taking).

We are all different and one way to embrace your difference is to love it. Be confident with it because no one has to understand it but you.

when you learn to embrace whoever the true you is you find it isn’t difficult to respect others for who they are too. Here’s the thing about difference, its the only thing we all have in common. Well.. that and genes and a heart and  a love for yummy chocolate. The point being that no one can fully comprehend your difference. I mean, I don’t even fully comprehend myself sometimes. For example: The other day My friends and were having a pretty chill conversation and then… The Inevitable Fuck up ( IFU) of  the day occurred. ding ding ding! we have a winner! I said the weirdest thing ever, so weird that I put it in my subconscious and locked it away for good. Yeah i’m too embarrassed to repeat myself but I’m sure that from the description you can make tell – it was bad.

My main point about all of this is happiness comes to those who seek it. It comes to those who make it a lifestyle instead of a special occasion. Your happiness is in Your hands, so grab it by whatever you can find in your cupboard and pull it towards you. Try and Try, take a water break (because water’s good for you) and try again. Make a bucket list of things you want to do each week and do them.

You are probably like “tell me something I don’t know”.  I really hope I did. either way tell me something I don’t know, tell me your advice on how to be happy and live a healthy life.

Big up and Tinz!

Steward number 7

P.S: There’s only one rule to being happy- yours 😉

To: All The Future and Present Stewards of the Earth!

I for one think the pen is mightier than the sword and that the battle for knowledge, my friends, is as real as it gets. I come not to deceive, nor to make promises. I come with small pieces of peace. Pieces that are written from the heart with love, sweat and a dash, a rather big one at that, of compassion.I am here as a  catalyst to help give advice on all matters of life with the knowledge I have. We are all connected because we all share one home; one planet.SO lets not believe this illusion of war because war on earth is a war on ourselves and furthermore a war on those who have yet to come. Let’s walk together, lets learn together and let’s learn to live together as future and present stewards of the earth.  Because If I’m Happy you should have the choice and the right to be too.